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Workaround for notorious malfunctioning Windows Mobile SMTP functionality

I’m not sure what’s the problem exactly with the Windows Mobile e-mail feature, but it seems that Microsoft didn’t really succeed in implementing a fully functional SMTP client. The one shipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 was extremely buggy (one failure to connect -EVER- would prevent you from sending e-mail forever) and the one shipped with WM 6.5 isn’t that good either. I just can’t get it to work reliably using TLS, authentication and SMTP port 587 (sometimes referred to as the “submission port”). Especially the fact that I’m unable to connect to my mail server running on port 587 in a reliable way is extremely annoying, since I’m roaming (= using other mobile or wireless networks) a lot. Since most providers don’t allow you to connect to an arbitrary SMTP server using port 25, I keep on reconfiguring my e-mail account on WM to be able to send e-mails…

Past year, I’ve been getting more and more angry about this, which made me decide do implement a workaround: a Windows Mobile SMTP proxy called MobileHermes. Completely free and licenced under the GPL, open source!

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Getting Windows Mobile to talk to Postfix with TLS and authentication

PostfixAround June 2009 my HTC Touch Pro2 arrived. Since then, I’ve been trying to get it to work with Postfix on my mail server, using TLS and authentication. The last few weeks I have ben working on a Windows Mobile SMTP proxy application to debug the problem. Tonight, I finally found out what did prevent Windows Mobile from sending mail to Postfix…

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Get Eclipse TPTP to run on Ubuntu Karmic Koala

EclipseEclipse TPTP (Test & Performance Tools Project) is a very cool and nifty tool to monitor your application performance. Especially when designing, implementing and testing algorithms (for example, on huge graphs, like I’m working on) it is very useful to know the exact amount of memory an algorithm is using. Important information when comparing multiple algorithms to each other. But what to do when TPTP refuses to profile your project, complaining “IWAT0435E An error occurred when connecting to the host”? Continue reading