Monthly Archives: August 2010

Getting the Funambol extension for Thunderbird 3 to work

Funambol & ThunderbirdFunambol is a great platform for synchronising files, calendars, and contacts between multiple applications and devices. A few months ago, I configured my very own Funambol server to synchronise my calendar between my mobile phone (HTC Touch Pro2) and my Thunderbird Lightning calendars on multiple locations. I didn’t take much time to get things to work, but after upgrading Thunderbird to verison 3 (apt-get dist-upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid) things stopped working. Apparently, a ‘plug and play’ extension for Thunderbird 3 is not yet available. However, it is possible to build the extension from scratch! After the break you can find out how to build your very own Funambol extension for Thunderbird 3 on your Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick/Natty installation. Obviously you can use the instructions to build the extension on any other platform, but that might require some more skills from your side.

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