Map of classic VW aircooled specialist garages in the UK — constantly updated!

We have a lovely 1972 Volkwagen T2 campervan with a lot of character. That’s a polite way of saying: we break down every now and then.

Temporary fix for CERT VU#582384 / CVE-2016-6277 vulnerability for various Netgear routers (including R6400, R7000, R8000 and similar)

Like many people, I was affected by the recently disclosed code injection vulnerability (CERT VU#582384, CVE-2016-6277/CVE-2016-582384) that affects Netgear R7000 (“Nighthawk”) and R6400 routers. As Netgear haven’t bothered to publish a quick patch for this gaping hole in their devices, I looked for a simple fix myself. This posts discusses the simple one-step process and the details. Depending on your tech skills, this will take you anywhere between five seconds and one minute.

SIGMOD 2011: A memory efficient reachability data structure through bit vector compression (PWAHStackTC)

Back in 2010, I worked on a research project at the University of Oxford with Prof. Oege de Moor. The project’s aim was to efficiently compute, store, and answer reachability queries on large directed graphs. This work eventually led to a paper at ACM SIGMOD 2011, one of the largest international conferences on management of data. In this post, I will endeavour to convey the intuition behind our approach: bit vector compression using a specially designed scheme called PWAH.